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Throwing Athlete Association

Our Mission

The Oklahoma Throwing Athlete Association (OTAA) was founded in 2021 as a complete resource for players, coaches, trainers, clinicians and parents for information regarding injuries in the throwing athlete.

Therapists, trainers, clinicians and surgeons throughout Oklahoma have combined to provide credible, scientific information and education to aid in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries in the throwing athlete

Our vision is to be the leading authority on throwing injuries in Oklahoma and beyond. We hope to help throwing athletes of all ages and levels achieve their goals and enjoy their sport without compromising their health and well-being.

  • Quality health care and injury prevention services to throwing athletes helping them recover quickly from injury and return to sports and athletics.

  • Promote the knowledge and skills of throwing sports among athletes, coaches, and enthusiasts to ensure optimal performance in sporting activities.

  • Using the latest, proven advances in the science and technology of throwing sports to help athletes stay ahead of the game.

- Golden Arm -
Throwing Athlete of the Month

Arm Services

Drue Molenda

June 2024

Upcoming Events
  • Event News 1
    Medical Education Program: Shoulder and Elbow Lab

    Join us for a hands-on cadaver lab learning the latest techniques in shoulder arthroscopy/labral repairs and elbow UCL repair/reconstruction

  • Events News 2
    2024 Injuries In The Throwing Athlete Conference

    Join medical professionals, coaches and athletes to discuss current trends, prevention strategies and treatment recommendations surrounding shoulder and elbow injuries in the throwing athlete

Our Members
  • Clayton Nelson, M.D - Profile
    Clayton Nelson, M.DOrthopedic Surgeon
  • JT Glomset, M.D - Profile
    JT Glomset, M.DOrthopedic Surgeon
  • Garrett Steinmetz, M.D - Profile
    Garrett Steinmetz, M.DOrthopedic Surgeon
  • Steve Carlin, PT, DPT, OCS - Profile
    Steve Carlin, PT, DPT, OCSPhysical Therapists
  • Matt Dumigan, MD - Profile
    Matt Dumigan, MDOrthopedic Surgeon
  • Jeff Frazier - Profile
    Jeff Frazier
    PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPTPhysical Therapists
  • John Howard PT, DPT, SCS - Profile
    John Howard PT, DPT, SCSPhysical Therapists
  • Eli Williams ATC, LAT, CSCS - Profile
    Eli Williams ATC, LAT, CSCSAthletic Trainer
  • Skip Johnson - Profile
    Skip JohnsonHead baseball coach
    University of Oklahoma
  • Jason Jackson MD, MBA, - Profile
    Jason Jackson MD, MBA,Interventional
    Physiatrist & Phlebologist
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The throwing athlete conference
November 08, 2024

We hope you will make plans to attend the 2024 Injuries in the Throwing Athlete conference on Friday, November 08, 2024


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