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  • Do I Have A Torn Ligament?

    A torn ligament can happen in conjunction with a sprained wrist, typically when the wrist is bent backwards forcefully or put into an awkward position. This can happen during any sport such as gymnastics, soccer, football, etc. or simply during a fall. Ligaments are bands of tough connective tissue that connect two bones or hold together a joint.

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  • Predictors of elbow torque among professional baseball pitchers

    Background: Overuse injuries of the shoulder and elbow continue to be prevalent in elite baseball pitchers. Pitch velocity has been shown to impact medial elbow torque in adolescent baseball pitchers. However, the determinants of medial elbow torque in professional baseball pitchers are not known.

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  • Clinical Value of an Acute Popping Sensation in Throwing Athletes With Medial Elbow Pain for Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injury

    Background: Throwing athletes sustaining an ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injury may recall a popping sensation originating from the medial elbow at the time of injury. There are no studies available that inform clinicians how to utilize this salient anamnestic information and what amount of diagnostic weight to afford to it.

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